Allmighty Crazy Bee-yotch! (volta_girl) wrote in dragkingfags,
Allmighty Crazy Bee-yotch!

Performers Wanted In Southern Indiana (Indianapolis)

Hey All,
I'm a drag king here in Southern Indiana and I have been casting my net far and wide looking for opportunities to perform (if you know of any please contact me). Recently though I received this e-mail
from a fellow who books acts into a club in Indy.

I am looking to host an all women's show with many types of performances...Drag Kings...Singers...Poets...Comedy..All talents are welcome please let me know if you have contacts with other female performers? I would like to host a matinee show on a Sunday afternoon at about 3pm... Thanks

So if you're interested in getting your own show on the road then I'd be happy to pass your info along to him!

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